Indian Dance

Indian DancingIt is music and dance that animate virtually every other form of artistic expression in India. Architecture, painting and sculpture often portray emotions through a dancer's poses and gestures.

In India dancing is an old-age tradition. There are varied forms of dancing from the ancient classical to modern styles, each shaped by the influences of a particular period or part of the country and each with some form of religious background.

Though different, they all have one in common: using every part of the body. Eyes, hands, legs, feet and face come together in the dance and music to set a mood and tell a story. The most famous classical forms are Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu, Kathakali and Mohiniyattam of Kerala, Odissi of Orissa, Kathak of Uttar Pradesh, Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh and Manipuri Dance of Manipur.

Learn more about the specific meanings of Indian dances and get familiar with the fundamental principles of a certain technique and form of dance. If you are a dancer, dance teacher or a person associated with dances in any form, feel the expression of emotions of Indian Dancing!

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